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Alhumdulillah, we are partnering with A1 Halal Meat Groceries in Binghamton to provide authentically hand-slaughtered meat to the Muslim community in Ithaca.


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Order Schedule


  1. Order by 2nd Saturday of the month
  2. Receive by 3rd Saturday of the month


General Information


In order to comply with the State of New York regulations, we do not touch the meat. All processing is done at A1 Halal Groceries in Binghamton. Fifty percent of any profits raised will go to support the Islamic Community Outreach Services in providing more services to the Ithaca community. The remaining profits will be split between the brothers involved in making this possible. Inshaa’Allah, with your support, we can keep this service running for the sake of Allah in Ithaca.


Regarding the Chicken


The chicken is provided by Al-Maaedah Halal. It is hand slaughtered by a Muslim without stunning in accordance with the requirement of the Shariah (Islamic Law). The process has been verified and approved by Shariah Board of New York (SBNY). The chicken is all natural with no hormones, no pesticides, and no growth drugs. All chicken are freshly slaughtered. It is important to note that Al-Maaedah is a rebranding of Murray’s Chickens. Although we could not verify conclusively, multiple people knowledgeable about the subject (including a Murray’s representative) told us that this means that the chicken is also certified humane raised and handled as well as non-GMO. For comparison, a Murray’s branded chicken is sold at Green Star in Ithaca for $3.99/lbs.


Regarding the Other Meat


The beef, lamb, and goat are slaughtered by Valley Meat Packing Inc. in Newark Valley, less than 30 miles from Ithaca. We have personally visited the farm and have met Muslim brothers at the farm. While we did not witness the actual slaughtering process, our discussion with the Muslim brothers gives us some confidence that they have properly slaughtered the animals.


In addition, we sometimes have beef products provided by Nema Halal. Information about their slaughtering process is given here.